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Services we provide

Fraud Analytics

Real-time assessment of identity and device patterns, activities and behaviors that may indicate fraud risk.

Identity Verification and Authentication

Fast and reliable confirmation of individual, business, document and device identities.

Manual Review and Fraud Investigations

No-stone-unturned research of consumer, business and location identity attributes that may indicate fraud risk.

Who we are

Our layered, risk-based solutions provide the industry’s dominant identity verification, fraud analytics and authentication services to approach fraud across various dimensions. Streamline fresh account application including account servicing. Decrease consumer discord. Optimize processes plus formulate a more nuanced authentication strategy.


Focus on trusted customers and defend fraud.

Our Fraud and Identity Management solutions deliver the powerful digital identity intelligence, innovative technology and intuitive analytics that are trusted by global businesses :

Increase the strength and effectiveness of your fraud prevention strategy while improving the experience for trusted customers with our multi-layered fraud and identity solutions. We help your business personalize risk-based authentication and proactively uncover fraud threats and bad actors before they impact your business or your bottom line. Our solutions enable you to detect more fraud and better segment high-risk accounts from trusted customers without increasing costs so your business can capitalize on growth opportunities and combat emerging fraud threats more effectively.

Gain competitive edge.

A Comprehensive End-to-End Solution:

Comprehensive fraud and authentication decisioning across all use cases and throughout the customer journey.

Delivering Digital Identities to Life:

SPSS Digital connects a unique identifier, a trust score and a visualization graph to genuinely understand a user’s unique digital identity across all channels and touch points.
Advanced Behavioral Analytics and Machine Learning:
SPSS intelligent analytics parse dynamic user behaviour to build more authentic, yet simpler, risk models. The result is a competitive edge in customer experience with reducing false positives, while maintaining the lowest possible fraud levels.

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